#theEssenceOf Cersaie 2018: an editorial project

#theEssenceOf Cersaie 2018: an editorial project

A five-day trade fair, two industry influencers, two different bathroom concepts: these are the key ingredients of our #theEssenceOf Cersaie 2018 editorial project!
On the occasion of the Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishing Exhibition we welcomed to our stand bloggers Simona Nurcato (Beside Bathroom) and Elisabetta Mattiello (Maison Lab): find out more about their experience!

Read Elisabetta Mattiello’s first article below.

Choosing the ideal shower enclosure: 3 things to consider

A dream bathroom is the ideal bathroom everyone would like to have, one that meets all of our requirements in terms of style, functionality and cost. Yet, as we all know, it’s not always easy to accommodate all of these expectations.

However, what I find interesting with each edition of the Cersaie fair is the ongoing evolution of the bathroom, which is becoming richer in terms of colours and finishes. This trend, which also applies to bathroom furnishing, turns the bathroom into an actual ‘piece of architecture’, which can be designed and customised to all sorts of design and technical requirements.

In trying to choose the ideal shower enclosure I will be assisted by Disenia, an Ideagroup company and Italian bathroom furnishing brand whose slogan for the Cersaie fair was: “The essence of materials. The essence of Ideagroup“. With this slogan the company rightly emphasised the importance of materials as distinguishing design elements. With its range of shower enclosures available with bespoke dimensions, detail colours and materials, Disenia gives customers the opportunity to match the shower with the surrounding bathroom elements (sanitaryware, taps and fittings and the other furnishing elements).

Let’s see the three things to consider when choosing the ideal shower enclosure:

1. Looks

Thanks to details available in customised colours, shower enclosures are now considered an element that can be seamlessly integrated into the style and design of the entire bathroom. This means that you can finally unleash your imagination with colours and finishes!

Focus shower enclosure

This is the case of the Focus shower enclosure in 6 mm thick tempered glass, which is available in a wide choice of alcove and corner layouts, and most of all can be ordered with bespoke finishes and colours to match those of the bathroom cabinets.

2. Combining style and costs

So far so good! But how can a shower enclosure be stylish and also reasonably priced?

Omega shower enclosure

Omega is an alcove or corner shower enclosure with ultra-flat hinges and a double-sided handle, and is available in a range of finishes that match those of the taps, fittings and profiles, including those of entry-level collections. This solution will help to keep costs down and at the same time preserve a linear style throughout the bathroom.

3. Technical and design requirements

Walk-in shower enclosure, Onda shower tray

As we all know, showers do not always have the same dimensions, just like – luckily – not all interior design projects are the same. In this case a minimal, frameless Walk-in shower enclosure can be the right solution. It is available in the alcove as well as the two-sided version, with 8 mm thick glass panels. The photo above shows the Walk-in shower enclosure finished with an Onda shower tray available with customisable dimensions up to 2.20 x 1.50 m.

Walk-in shower enclosure

Last but not least, worthy of note is the Project made-to-measure shower enclosure, also on display at the Cersaie 2018 fair. It is fitted with hinges and 180° spring opening. The design of the Project shower enclosure seeks to achieve pure aesthetic appeal and functionality. In the photo below it is shown finished with a flush-fitting Catino shower tray in Solid Gel.

Project shower enclosure, Catino shower tray

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